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      The Mittleider Gardening Library CD - Includes NEW Gardening Course Book!


      Save 25%

      Dr. Mittleider's complete gardening library now includes the NEW FULL COLOR MITTLEIDER GARDENING COURSE BOOK! This is a treasury of knowledge you don't want to be without - a $300 value!!

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      The Garden Doctor (Vol. 1-3)

      from $7.95

      Save 20% — 39%

      Eliminate Plant Deficiencies and Diseases for Healthy Plants

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      More Food From Your Garden aka Mittleider Grow-Box Gardens


      Save 22%

      This treasure is loved by multiplied thousands of successful container vegetable gardeners around the world. With 65 pictures, 146 illustrations, and dozens of tables Dr. Mittleider takes you step by step through every element of the growing process. Nothing is left to chance, and you will quickly become a highly successful gardener and your garden will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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      Gardening Seminar DVD/CD


      Save 39%

      Face to Face with Jim Kennard in the garden! Whether you grow in the soil or in containers, this great resource will SHOW you how to have the most successful garden, AND help others grow their own food.

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      Let's Grow Tomatoes


      Save 22%

      The best instructions available for growing tomatoes with great yields, either outside or in a greenhouse. Seedling production, transplanting, close planting, vertical growing, automatic watering, proper feeding, weeding, and pruning are all covered with hundreds of pictures to reinforce the important lessons.

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      Gardening by the Foot

      from $10.95

      Save 22% — 35%

      This book masterfully teaches the Mittleider Method of container or Grow-Box gardening using hundreds of pictures.

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      Gardening Manuals


      Save 20%

      This is a set of 9 manuals compiled through the years by Dr. Mittleider targeting specific garden topics in a precise manner. The manuals range in size from 7 to 25 pages in length.

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      Mittleider Gardening Training Videos - 5 Volume DVD Set


      Save 68%

      Now you can have the Mittleider Training Videos for a SUPER bargain price that everyone can afford! Many years' effort and cost are yours for only $1.25 per video!

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      Six Steps to Successful Gardening


      Save 23%

      This gardening book is so easy to read and simple to follow even children will enjoy gardening! Describes how to apply the Mittleider Method of vegetable gardening in soil-bed gardens.

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      Food for Everyone

      from $39.95

      Save 38% — 50%

      A college-level agronomy text using the proven Mittleider Method of dramatic food production as taught and demonstrated throughout the world, with sixty-four chapters, 621 pages, and almost a thousand drawings, photographs, and color plates.

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      Humic Acid


      Water-Soluble Humic Acid Granules that can achieve numerous benefits for plants with as little as 1/100th of the material as raw leonardite from other sources, according to the manufacturers.

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      Grow-Bed Gardening


      Save 35%

      After these years of research a simple and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE gardening method has been perfected. The method assures you a great garden in almost any growing conditions including poor soils, rocks, hillsides, swamps, city limits, long seasons, short seasons, rain, arid regions, waste land, weeds, lack of powered equipment, or no equipment.