» Mittleider Gardening Method Presentaton – How It’s Different & Why It’s The Best!

Mittleider Gardening Method Presentaton – How It’s Different & Why It’s The Best!


Finally, a beautifully presented comprehensive but concise virtual "Training Session" that explains the origins, the uniqueness, how it works, and the great value and importance of The Mittleider Gardening Method. You will use this resource many times for your own educaton, as well as for showing others what makes the best gardening method in the world so amazing.

In this very important and highly educational presentation Jim Kennard gives us a real Seminar on the Mittleider Gardenng Method, including briefly explaining how it came to be, its uniqueness and great importance to the families of the world.  And he succcinctly explains how and why it’s uniquely different, and provides detailed instruction on how each of us can follow this RECIPE for a highly successful and beautifully productive garden sufficient to feed our families, no matter where we live, or what our soil conditions are.

In 74 expertly narrated slides you see the irrefutable evidence of what superior knowledge, skills, wisdom, and world-wide experience can accomplish, and exactly how you can apply the universal Laws of Plant Growth to your own situation and circumstances to very quickly replicate these results, and actually become the best gardener in your community.

This is a resource that you will want to reference again and again, and you’ll likely even use it to teach and assist other people to learn and use the Mittleider Gardening Method, because when your neighbors and friends see your garden they WILL want you to help them become successful Mittleider gardeners also!