» PANAK-ITE – Colloidal Montmorillonite

PANAK-ITE – Colloidal Montmorillonite


Panak-ite – Colloidal Montmorillonite – 16 Ounces

78 Minerals from Panaca, Nevada – Mined by Window Peak Trace Minerals and micronized (1 millionth of a meter) by Mineral Grow, Inc.

Many people desire to feed their plants a broad spectrum of minerals, in the belief that more than the 16 elements required for healthy plant growth can be beneficial to the animals and humans that ingest the plants.

We therefore are making this material available without any claims or warranties as to its value, effectiveness, or safety.  Because some of these elements (ie Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, etc.) are known to be toxic to humans we advise caution in their use.

Using only the prescribed amount of 2 ounces PANAK-ITE in a gallon of fertilizer concentrate (which contains 8 ounces of dissolved Weekly Feed), and further diluting it 26 times (5  ounces of concentrate per gallon of foliar spray) assures that these ingredients are present only in a few parts per million, and mostly in parts per billion.

Used in this way a package of Panak-ite will help make over 200 gallons of foliar spray, which will likely feed a home garden of 20 30′ soil beds for several years when a fine-mist electrostatic sprayer is used.

Mineral Gro, the company from which we purchase these materials, uses a 50/50 blend of Panak-ite and Mittleider Weekly Feed, however our experience leads us to favor a higher percentage of the 13 known essential plant nutrients that man can provide (3 others – carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen – come from the air).

Montmorillonite (PANAK-ITE) Mineral List by WPTM

“Window Peak Trace Minerals has compiled from its predecessors’ files and customers certain test results from various samples over the years of the colloidal Montmorillonite quarried at our site. These have revealed to date a content of 78 different elements, enriching organic matter, and many different ions and interesting mineral combinations. Useful, if not life-enhancing, properties have been discovered and observed in the 27 elements listed in the Trace Mineral Benefits section. We still do not know all of the advantages produced by these and the balance of the trace minerals that we quarry.”

Aluminum – AL       Copper – Cu                            Lanthanum – La                      Platinum – Pt                          Tellurium – Te

Antimony – Sb        Dysprosium – Dy                     Lead – Pb                                Potassium – K                         Terbium – Tb

Arsenic – AS            Erbium – Er                             Lithium – Li                             Praseodymium – Pr                 Thallium – Tl

Barium – Ba            Europium – Eu                        Lutetium – Lu                          Rhenium – Re                         Thorium – Th

Beryllium – Be        Fluorine – F                             Manganese – Mn                    Rhodium – Rh                         Thulium – Tm

Bismuth – Bi           Gadolinium – Gd                     Magnesium – Mg                    Rubidium – Rb                        Tin – Sn

Boron – B                Gallium – Ga                           Mercury – Hg                          Ruthenium – Ru                      Titanium – T

Bromine – Br           Germanium – Ge                    Molybdenum – Mo                 Samarium – Sm                      Tungsten – W

Cadmium – Cd         Gold – Au                                Neodymium – Nd                   Scandium – Sc                         Uranium – U

Calcium – Ca           Hafnium – Hf                          Nickel – Ni                               Selenium – Se                         Vanadium – V

Carbon – C              Holmium – Ho                         Niobium – Nb                          Silicon – Si                               Ytterbium – Yb

Cerium – Ce            Hydrogen – H                          Nitrogen – N                           Silver – Ag                               Yttrium – Y

Cesium – Cs             Indium – In                              Osmium – Os                          Sodium – Na                           Zinc – Zn

Chlorine – Cl           Iodine – I                                 Oxygen – O                             Strontium – Sr                        Zirconium – Zr

Chromium – Cr        Iridium – Ir                              Palladium – Pd                        Sulphur – S

Cobalt – Co              Iron – Fe                                  Phosphorus – P                       Tantalum – Ta



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Contents 16 Ounces