» Mittleider Gardening Certification Training Virtual “Boot Camp”

Mittleider Gardening Certification Training Virtual “Boot Camp”



You save $253.00 (34%)!

Six days of unique professional Virtual hands-on Certification Training by Jim Kennard and the Preparedness University Staff!

Now you can receive professional CERTIFICATION TRAINING in the amazing Mittleider Method of family gardening, from the NEW Mittleider Gardening Course book, plus the Food For Everyone Agronomy Text book, and taught by Jim Kennard and the Preparedness University Staff!

Mr. Kennard is a Certified Master Mittleider Gardening Instructor, was mentored personally by the world-renowned Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider over the course of 27 years, and worked with Dr. Mittleider on several humanitarian projects in the USA and other countries.

There’s nothing else like this anywhere!  The Certification Training is comprehensive and fast-paced – and previous students say it is very enjoyable and highly rewarding.  AND all attendees who pass the Boot Camp Training requirements will receive The Mittleider Gardening Library CD (10 books and 9 manuals), the 5 DVD Set of Gardening Training Videos (80 videos on the entire gardening process and projects from around the world), The Gardening Seminar DVD. and the Madagascar Training Project DVD.  That’s several hundred dollars of EXTRA value !

Those who wish to complete the Boot Camp in a one-week period may do so, although the training will be available for one month, allowing everyone to complete it.  Each individual day of training will be made available in the morning over the first 6 days.

Immerse yourself in 6 days of professional instruction and hands-on training by Jim Kennard and the Preparedness University Staff on The Mittleider System of highly productive “Best of Organic” and “Poor Man’s Hydroponic” sustainable family gardening principles and procedures, while discussing your progress and problems each day online with staff and other highly motivated Mittleider gardeners from all around the country!

 If you’ve never seen a Mittleider Garden before, take a look at just a few of the photo groups on the Gallery page of this web site!  You’ll be motivated to sign up once you see how other “newbies” across the United States and worldwide are now experiencing huge yields in less space, and mind-boggling success in their gardens!

 You may also use this training as your opportunity to become a Certified Mittleider Gardener, without on-site training or any additional registration fees.  In doing so, you’ll be confident in your abilities to feed your own family and assist others to do the same.  

After payment is made on this page, fill out the Registration Form at  Then copy and paste the form into an email message and send it to

Classroom & Garden Activities:

  • Garden Planning & Preparation (How to start right!)
  • Seedling Production (How to turn that black thumb green and stop killing seedlings.)
  • Understanding Soils (Dirt isn’t just dirt. What you really need to know.)
  • Growing in Any Soil, in Any Climate (How and why you don’t need to do anything different if you know this secret.)
  • Creating a Mittleider Garden (How and why to REALLY create a productive garden.)
  • Growing in Containers or Grow-Boxes (Like growing above ground? You’ll love this session.)
  • Planting & Transplanting (Master this and you’ll never go hungry.)
  • Watering & Weeding (Made easy!)
  • Feeding – Plant Nutrition (How to source, measure and mix all the nutrients yourself to make your own nutrient mix.)
  • Growing Vertically (Grow Zucchini and other plants vertically? Yes you can and why you should.)
  • Pruning & Caring for Plants (Almost every gardener gets this wrong. Understand how to really prune properly and see your garden explode with food.)
  • Protecting Plants from Weather & Bugs (Got a bug eating your garden? We will share solutions that will stop them in their tracks.)
  • Beating the Competition (How to keep deer, moles, raccoons, skunks, voles, bears, etc. and kids from destroying your garden.)

Lab/Workshop Projects:

  • Mini-Greenhouses or Low Tunnels (How to extend your gardening season by 3 months!)
  • Planting seeds for seedling production (Super successful soil mixture, proper plant varieties, see hands-on practice so you can practice yourself.)
  • Transplanting seedlings in seedling production (We talked about it in class now you can see it live.)
  • Drilling PVC pipe for watering systems (Learn how to prepare your watering pipes super-fast and easy.)
  • Installing an automated Watering system (You don’t need to be a plumber to learn how to install your own watering system either above or below ground.)
  • Making flats for seedling production
  • Making markers for seedling production and garden planting

There is only so much you can learn from a book or by searching the internet. The subjects, activities, and workshops are all taught by Jim Kennard and the Preparedness University Staff.  Ask all the gardening questions you want and get personal input and advice all month long in the comfort, safety, and security of your own home – while you immediately implement what you’ve learned in your own garden!

Dates & Times:
May 11 – May 162, 2020, from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M.
The comfort, safety, and security of your own home!