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You save $10.00 (25%)!

Got Windows 10? Get a terrific bargain - two digital books and 9 manuals plus garden planning software & training videos with Dr. Mittleider himself. Created by a BYU Educator, it's timeless - MORE!

The Garden Master CD is a wonderful tool that helps everyone, from novice to expert, plan, design, and calendar their own vegetable gardens – and then teach and help others to do the same!   And we are THRILLED to announce that the software DOES work on the newest Windows 10 operating systems, so if you want a terrific bargain and you have Windows 10 OR XP or older systems this may be for you!

You’ll watch a couple of short videos, with Dr. Mittleider himself creating a garden, and read excellent gardening lessons.  In addition there are two of Dr. Mittleider’s best graphically oriented books on the CD, 6 Steps to Successful Gardening and The Mittleider Gardening Course (the student manual for all classes taught by Dr. M.)

Also included on the CD are Nine Mittleider Gardening Manuals to teach you important gardening subjects such as composting, manures and other fertilizers, the importance and function of soils, and the seldom understood but all-important osmosis and salinity.

The Gardening Course book is an older version, but just call and we’ll send you the full-color 2017 publication as a digital download.  Get $50 of digital  books & Manuals PLUS the training and the Wizard, with details covered nowhere else.