» Madagascar Gardening Training Project – Video

Madagascar Gardening Training Project – Video



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This Gardening Training project, conducted in Madagascar for 3 months, will open your eyes to success in a tough growing environment, show you a very different culture, and teach you the details of growing vegetables, including building a greenhouse, growing and transplanting seedlings, growing vertically, automating watering, and pretty much everything else you'll see during a growing season in your own garden.

An Agronomy School, teaching the Mittleider system of family food production, was established at a government facility in the capitol city of Antananarivo, Madagascar several years ago.  It was an intensive school, requiring 8-10 hours per day and 6 days per week for 3 months.  Thirty adults paid for the privilege of attending, and they worked and studied hard, in order to create big changes in their families’ lives.

This 1/2-hour video documents the project, while giving you insight into the amazing country and culture of this island nation.  The School garden quickly became a thing of beauty and productivity, and we also devoted time to assist and work with every student in their own family garden.  You’ll quickly learn to love these devoted students, and join in their excitement as they learn the simple but immutable laws of plant growth that guarantee a great garden, in any soil, and in any climate.

Before graduation the students visited the “best” agriculture school in the country as well as a government-run experimental farm, and were appalled at what they saw there.  They returned home even more appreciative of the beautiful and highly productive gardens they had learned to create.

The best student in the class became the teacher, and the school has carried on, graduating many excellent growers who spread this valuable knowledge throughout the country.

This video is great for anyone wanting to see “the big picture”,  for those who like other countries and cultures, and for all who are looking for inspiration to handle your own garden situation.