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Listen as Jim Kennard, President of the Food For Everyone Foundation shares his unique and personal perspective of the importance of food independence using the Mittleider Gardening Method.


Show 1 – 48:54

Growing your own food and what it takes to actually do it. The benefits of having a real vegetable garden and where does raising animals enter the equation. 12



Show 2 – 46:12

Why prepare? Gold, silver, government, taxes, and fiat currency. Having a great garden on a fraction of an acre. Introduction to secondary edible parts of plants and their value. Mittleider Gardening basic concepts. 13



Show 3 – 55:46

The difference that having a garden can make in your life and in the lives of those around you. An audio walk-through of the expansive photo gallery on the Mittleider Gardening Yahoo Group; Advocating for and setting up Mittleider Gardens within a community. 31



Show 4 – 52:03

A dialogue between Jim Kennard, Food For Everyone Foundation President and “LDS Prepper”, David Gillmore. A thoroughly interesting interview highlighting various preparedness topics and David’s introduction to and success with the Mittleider Gardening Method. 72



Show 5 – 44:41

Thanks to those contributing. A new season of Mittleider Gardening. (pending) 43



Show 6 – 53:08

A guide through Mittielder Garden photographs. Elaborating on the Mittleider Gardening Method. (pending) 46



Show 7 – 49:59

More about the sigificance of Dr. Jacob Mittleider’s amazingly simple yet significant book: Gardening By the Foot. (pending) 47



Show 9 – 49:53

An interview with Kathleen Oneil, Acting Chairperson of EPAC (Emergency Preparedness Action Committee). Listen as she and Jim Kennard discuss “The love of preparing and the love of helping people to prepare.” (pending) 9



Show 10 – 50:12

Originating from Harvest Moon Restaurant and Lounge in Falls Church, Virginia. Jim illuminates on several different agronomy topics including the fascinating world of plants and the different classifications of plant groups. 10



Show 11 – 43:47

Interviews with two Mittleider Method gardeners. Lots of details and interesting insights! 11



Show 14 – 38:01

Breaking down a “closed system” approach to food sustainability and comparing it to the Mittleider Gardening Method. 14



Show 15 – 37:02

Greenhouses and growing in them. More about some of the many resources available from Food For Everyone Foundation for low cost or for free at 15p930



Show 16 – 45:07

Insights into an Amish produce auction. Getting a fair price for the crops you produce. Finding ways to improve gardening productivity. A discussion about greenhouses, seedlings, and more. 16p



Show 17 – 38:20

Gold, silver, and gardening! What could be more important gold, silver, or any other money? Plus other “peripheral topics” that tie into gardening. The value of knowing to grow your own food. Preparing for the unknowns and real self-sufficiency. 17p



Show 18 – 27:27

Fall gardening, winter-storage of your crops, and preparing for next years garden. 18p



Show 19 – 43:57

A wonderful discussion all about prepping with special guests Jim and Leann including their experience and insights in transitioning to the Mittleider Gardening Method. More about vertical growing using T-frames. Uses for and preservation of garden produce from canning to dehydration and root cellars.19p



Show 22 – 1:30:05

Jim Kennard welcomes special guest, Kathleen Oneal for the uncut 90-minute show on preparedness and Mittleider Gardening!22p



Show 24 – 41:44

Greenhouses – plan to build your own and preparing for Spring! Information about woven greenhouse plastic, greenhouse tips, ideas, and concepts to consider, plus much more!24p



Freedom Junkie Radio Show – 1:05:51

Show host Betsy Dewey, interviews Jim Kennard. In this interview Jim provides an overview of the Mittleider Gardening Method, explains the reality and practicality of growing your own food to have enough, and gardening in difficult climates!24p