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Humic Acid


Water-Soluble Humic Acid Granules that can achieve numerous benefits for plants with as little as 1/100th of the material as raw leonardite from other sources, according to the manufacturers.

3Water-Soluble Humic Acid Granules – Chelation For Plant Nutrient Absorption

This product is NOT intended as a substitute for fertilizer.

Quantity:  16 Ounces

Humic Acid is a powerful plant growth stimulant, chelation agent, and soil conditioner that increases plant health.

Provides chemical, biological, and physical benefits, including increased root growth, improved aeration and drainage, increased cation exchange capacity, and increased nutrient uptake. Together, these benefits greatly increase plant health, vigor, growth, and yield.

As a plant growth stimulant – Improves plant immunity, metabolism, and root development.  Aids the plant’s ability to better manage heat, drought, cold, disease, insects and other stresses.  Aids in plant yields & stem strength.

This material is a Patented Water-Soluble Diamond Grow® Humi[K] WSG (wettable soluble granule) Potassium Humate Granule from Humic Growth Solutions –

Water soluble – – – 100%

Humic Acid – – – 99%

“One of the major benefits of using Humi[K] WSG (extracted/activated Humic Acid) is that its application and utilization by soil and plants can be predicted much more accurately than raw Leonardites or other raw humate products. It is nearly impossible to predict if, how, or when the humic acids from raw Leonardites will ever be released or utilized by the plants and soil. With Humi[K] WSG, the usage rates can be narrowed down to within small margins and the overall response to crops can be achieved with only 1/100 of the typically used rate of Leonardites or other raw humic substances.

 “It is also important to note that Humi[K] is a soil stimulant and a transportation vehicle (chelating agent) for carrying nutrients into plants. Once connected to the humic acid molecule, nutrients are carried into a plant in available forms that help intensify the plant’s metabolism and stimulate the soil’s natural activities.

“Humi[K] WSG improves the efficiency in which plants utilize nutrients . . . . .  In return, this enables a reduction in the amount of fertilizer historically required to maintain optimal plant growth. Obviously, this provides enormous economic and ecological value to growers wishing to reduce their fertilizer input costs and/or reduce the potential side-effects of heavy chemical fertilizers usage.”

Application Rates:  When used as a liquid aerial spray it is recommend that this product be no more than 80 ppm.  One half Tablespoon (1/4 ounce) per gallon of Mittleider Super-Natural Nano Nutrients (TM) concentrate (which is diluted to 5 ounces per gallon of water as a foliar spray) is less than 80 parts per million, so we consder that dosage to be safe.


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