» Mittleider Gardening Training Lecture Videos – Flash Drive (through USB Port)

Mittleider Gardening Training Lecture Videos – Flash Drive (through USB Port)



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Now you can have the Mittleider Training Video Lectures for a SUPER bargain price that everyone can afford! Many years' effort and cost are yours for only $.65 per video! AND they will work for you on ANY computer or Smart TV with a USB port :)

This is a unique treasure of knowledge gained over 37 years in 32 countries around the world.  Created for the 3-month gardening training projects Dr. Mittleider and the Foundation have conducted around the world, 80 training videos teach and demonstrate every step in growing food, including producing healthy seedlings, growing in the soil, and growing in containers.

They range in length from 12 to 25 minutes and include pictures taken by Dr. Mittleider, audio narration by Jim Kennard, and scrolling words.

More than a dozen videos are about nutrient deficiency symptoms on vegetable plants, and will help you solve many common “disease” problems and maintain a healthy fast-growing garden that resists diseases and even remains healthy in the face of other stress factors that often ruin a traditional crop.

Many videos detail training projects in other countries, and show the solutions to unique problems encountered,  including growing climates from 53 degrees north latitude to 30 degrees south latitude, and from sea level to 7800 feet elevation, virtually always under conditions of extreme poverty and hardship.