» Kenyon 2-Way Hoe Head

Kenyon 2-Way Hoe Head


A strong 12″ or 14″ garden rake, a round-headed shovel, and a good hoe are the only garden tools needed to grow a great Mittleider vegetable garden. The first 2 are easy to find most anywhere in the developed countries.

The right hoe is harder to find, however, and in our experience the 2-way hoe (also known as a hula hoe, stirrup hoe, or scuffle hoe) is the best type for several reasons, which are discussed at length in the FAQ section.

While most brands will bend, nick, and wear out quickly, only one hoe measures up to our standards, and with proper care the Kenyon 2-way hoe should last for many years in your garden. We only sell the head in order to save on shipping costs. By checking with Kenyon you may be able to find the complete hoe at a store near you.  We recommend you get a good RAKE handle – the big box stores have them for about $8.50.  They are longer, giving you a better reach and leverage, and they are stronger than typical hoe handles.

“Thank you for selling the hoe heads along with the fertilizer bags. We just happened to have extra hoe handles in our garage, and it was easy to attach.

My main problem last year was weeds, and this hoe was a wonderful solution. I have my 5 beds raked into place now and irrigation pipes ready. Every time I go into the garden I take the hoe and drag it along the dirt to cut off the baby weeds.

It is so wonderfully easy…just like sweeping with a broom. As long as you don’t give the weeds a chance to get big, then it is really simple to keep them under control. Of course, I did not know that last year, but now I GOT IT! I’ve even been using it along the fence line instead of a weed eater machine. Fantastic!”

– Bethany