» Six Steps to Successful Gardening

Six Steps to Successful Gardening

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This gardening book is so easy to read and simple to follow even children will enjoy gardening! Describes how to apply the Mittleider Method of vegetable gardening in soil-bed gardens.

Using the Mittleider Method taught in the Six Steps book will help you grow 5 to 10 times more healthy delicious vegetables and fruits than a traditional garden in the same space.

Follow the simple steps in this book and you can save many hundreds of dollars a year on your food bills.

Probably the biggest reason you garden is to improve your health by eating fresh, naturally grown vegetables & fruit.  The Mittleider Method consistently produces the healthiest and most tasty produce possible.

This book is so fun to read even children enjoy and learn from it, and every step of the way is graphically illustrated for instant understanding.

All the basic gardening you need to grow a great garden – no matter what your soil and climate are like – is contained in less than 60 pages!

This is all while using NO pesticides or herbicides!

You’ll also save additional money because this gardening method uses less than half the water of a traditional garden.

Learn the simple secrets of the Mittleider method of gardening that’s been taught and loved by millions of families for over 40 years around the world.

And you’ll be pleased to know you are helping support the work of the Non-Profit Food for Everyone Foundation, which was set up to continue Dr. Jacob Mittleider’s work of teaching the best possible gardening methods to families throughout the world.

Read a Chapter

Download Chapter 1: Soil and Soil-Bed Preparation (PDF, 472 KB) and learn what makes good soil and different approaches to making your own soil-beds.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Soil and Soil-Bed Preparation
  3. Transplanting and Planting
  4. Watering
  5. Fertilizing
  6. Weed Control
  7. Harvesting
  8. Planning and Record Keeping

“Thank you for the best garden ever! I had nice furrows in the garden and strawberries in the grow boxes. It worked out so well. Even though the space was the same this year, I changed to the Mittleider Method of gardening and the yield was wonderful. There was such an abundance that we donated some to the local food bank!”
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Jacob R. Mittleider:
Dr. Jacob Mittleider
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58 pages
58 pages