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      The Mittleider Gardening Library CD - Includes NEW Gardening Course Book!


      Save 14%

      Dr. Mittleider's complete gardening library now includes the NEW FULL COLOR MITTLEIDER GARDENING COURSE BOOK! This is a treasury of knowledge you don't want to be without - a $300 value!!

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      Gardening Seminar DVD/CD


      Save 46%

      Face to Face with Jim Kennard in the garden! Whether you grow in the soil or in containers, this great resource will SHOW you how to have the most successful garden, AND help others grow their own food.

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      Mittleider Gardening Training Videos - 5 Volume DVD Set


      Save 83%

      Now you can have the Mittleider Training Videos for a SUPER bargain price that everyone can afford! Many years' effort and cost are yours for only 70 CENTS per video!

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      Garden Master CD


      Save 25%

      Got Windows 10? Get a terrific bargain - two digital books and 9 manuals plus garden planning software & training videos with Dr. Mittleider himself. Created by a BYU Educator, the material is timeless - MORE!

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      Madagascar Gardening Training Project - Video


      Save 50%

      This Gardening Training project, conducted in Madagascar for 3 months, will open your eyes to success in a tough growing environment, show you a very different culture, and teach you the details of growing vegetables, including building a greenhouse, growing and transplanting seedlings, growing vertically, automating watering, and pretty much everything else you'll see during a growing season in your own garden.