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Back to Winter! Unprotected Plants are Goners.

We have had rain almost every day for over a week now, and when it isn’t raining it’s hailing, snowing, or freezing, or all three. We’re so grateful to have a little heat working in the greenhouse again! We have managed to keep temperatures above freezing, but just barely a few times, as the outside […]

Previous Project in Madagascar – Student Update

I have been so gratified to receive several email messages from my translator in the Madagascar training project I conducted 3 1/2 years ago! While she has no way of finding out about most of the students’ successes, Manda has told me about several who are still diligently applying the principles and procedures learned when […]

Plants In The Garden At Last!

We have romaine lettuce and cabbage seedlings that are ready to go into the garden, and finally this week we began planting them, with one bed of each! Of course it would have to begin raining about the same time – and it’s been raining every day all week, so any planting we do is […]

Growing Seedlings – A Garden Explosion

We started with 3 flats of seeds, which we germinated in the home where we are staying, and then put them under lights until we could take them to the completed greenhouse. These quickly became 35 flats of seedlings. Three more flats of seeds are now 30 flats of seedlings, for a total of about […]

The Students Are Excited – Home For the Weekend

We agreed with our students we’d let them spend just 3 days in Getk and 4+ days in their home villages, so Tuesday through Thursday we really poured it on – in the classroom, the greenhouse, and the garden, with about 30 hours in 3 days! We had 5 students by Thursday, and they are […]

New Students Join Us!

We had 3 new students join us today! There were supposed to be 5, but one ended up in the hospital with liver problems. I surely hope he recovers and can join us. We expect one or two more will make it to Getk this week. It is something of a revelation for these good […]

Cold-Weather Gardening Experienced

The weather in this part of Armenia is much like Logan or Heber City, Utah, with hard frosts still happening in mid-April, and frost possible most any time until June. We have a large seedling greenhouse and smaller in-the-ground hot-bed built, and both have plants growing in them. However, the heat we expected in the […]

Soil Amendments – Necessary?

As planting time arrives people often hear that it’s necessary to amend their soil before they can plant, if they expect to have a successful crop. Even in Armenia people with heavy clay soil think they can’t grow a garden (they’re too poor to pay for soil amendments). We promise that you can have a […]

Improving Growing in Early Spring

The Shirak Region of Armenia is much like parts of the Northern United States, in that frost-free growing days come late in the spring and end fairly early in the fall. And since many people depend on their gardens for their primary food supply it becomes very important for them to maximize their yields. Purchased […]

In-The-Ground Tunnel or Cold-Frame/Hotbed

Most family gardeners in Armenia (and other places as well) just plant seeds and hope for the best, thinning the excess plants when they come in too thickly, and replanting when they die from the harsh conditions most places experience during early spring. A few people are able to buy seedlings, but most seedlings for […]

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