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Registration for Mittleider Gardening Certification Training – April 26-May 2, 2020

Mittleider Gardening Certification Training REGISTRATION FORM (Limited space available – email completed form to – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed) Full Refund until 30 days before the event – Cost $150 per person if cancelled within 30 days and before 10 days of the start date, $250 if cancelled within 10 days of the start date. […]

Get 2 Years’ Supply of Nutrients NOW!

I recommend every serious gardener review your supply of and need for the natural mineral nutrients with which you feed your vegetable garden, and stock up NOW. You should have at least a two-year supply on hand at all times. There is no loss in strength or availability, so don’t worry about that. Get them […]

Is Crop Rotation Necessary? What About pH and Soil Type?

The above questions were raised , specifically about the Foundation’s Garden Master software as follows: 1: Does the Garden Master software allow you to enter the soil type and pH and and does it make recommendations based on these factors? 2: Does the software recommend crop rotation techniques for after year 1? The answer is […]

How Healthy is Produce Grown in a Mittleider Garden?

An important question was recently asked by a member of the group. He asked “Has any type of testing ever been done on the MM produce? Just curious as I am just learning about the MM and putting in my first garden this year.” Ron One memorable “test” of the quality of Mittleider Method-grown […]

Mittleider Method gardening in Russia today

I have managed to communicate with some of the graduates of the Zaokski Agriculture College, and learned some amazing things about the Mittleider Method in the Russian Commonwealth countries. There is an article posted in the Files section of the Group website – called Russianreport.doc. Most all of the graduates of the Mittleider Agriculture […]

Growing and Feeding Bananas

The question was asked by a grower in the South Pacific if the Mittleider Method works on banana trees. Following is my answer: Yes, the Mittleider Method and the Mittleider natural mineral nutrient fertilizers work well with bananas. Let’s first learn a bit about growing them: Banana plants are perennials which grow from underground rhizomes. […]

Conduct Your Own Gardening Seminars!

We are happy to conduct free gardening seminars for groups, and do so whenever possible, however the super majority of you are neither in Utah nor Alabama (where we live), and so can’t easily arrange to attend a seminar with us. However, after you become a competent Mittleider gardener yourself YOU can conduct seminars for […]

How to Grow Peppers from Seed

Pepper seedlings are among the hardest vegetable plants to grow, and some of the hot peppers are even more difficult than sweet peppers. Seeds should be planted at least 8 weeks before the ALFD (average last frost date) in your immediate area. And you should not transplant the seedlings into your garden until after the […]

Article on Need for Reconnecting With The Land

A Mittleider gardener recently brought the following article to my attention. It talks about the need to update the methods of growing food worldwide. The article has some good points, especially the idea that the people of Great Britain (and everywhere else) should re-connect with their land. What they REALLY need to do is […]

Urgent Call to Action for All Gardeners

Every gardener should immediately assess your needs for gardening materials and get them purchased NOW, before they become scarce or MUCH more expensive. I’m thinking specifically of FERTILIZERS and SEEDS. Anyone remember last year? Some fertilizers increased in price over 400%! They may do it again, or even worse. It is SIMPLE, but don’t put […]

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