» Back to Winter! Unprotected Plants are Goners.

Back to Winter! Unprotected Plants are Goners.

We have had rain almost every day for over a week now, and when it isn’t raining it’s hailing, snowing, or freezing, or all three.

We’re so grateful to have a little heat working in the greenhouse again! We have managed to keep temperatures above freezing, but just barely a few times, as the outside temperatures plunge to 6 and 7 below zero celsius – which translates to 20-22 fahrenheit.

We worked hard in the mud to plant lettuce and cabbage into the garden about a week ago, and we should have kept them in and let them get overgrown, I guess. That has to be better than what they’re suffering in the cold garden. We have covered the lettuce with plastic, but the cabbage is on it’s own. We’ll see after tonight if it’s hardy enough to stay alive through 3 nights in a row of hard frosts (Both cabbage and lettuce survived very well through several frosts. It’s amazing what healthy plants can endure!).

I believe I mentioned earlier that we had some hard hail, which shredded the cabbage leaves quite badly. We have four more flats of cabbage, if these don’t make it. And just as soon as the weather looks favorable again we’ll transplant a few flats of beautiful broccoli.