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Urgent Call to Action for All Gardeners

Every gardener should immediately assess your needs for gardening materials and get them purchased NOW, before they become scarce or MUCH more expensive. I’m thinking specifically of FERTILIZERS and SEEDS. Anyone remember last year? Some fertilizers increased in price over 400%! They may do it again, or even worse. It is SIMPLE, but don’t put […]

Instructions for Creating & Planting Your Garden #1

Preliminary Steps – Lesson I (Using Jim Kennard’s 2009 Alabama garden as a model) 1. Determine how much space you want, then how much you HAVE that receives all-day sunshine. We wanted 30 beds, but only have a 35′ X 58′ sunny space, so that is our limiting factor. 2. Measure and stake the outline […]

The Zoo-Doo Man & The World’s Best Compost

For 20 years I have owned a 3/4 acre parcel adjacent to Utah’s Hogle Zoo, where I have grown a vegetable garden using The Mittleider Method as taught in many of the developing countries around the world by Jacob R. Mittleider. Because Jacob was satisfied that my garden represented him well he let me put […]

A Sustainable Gardening Epidemic is Needed Now!

Knowledge of the Mittleider Method of sustainable gardening makes you one of the “vital few,” and with that knowledge comes both opportunity and responsibility. In The Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell describes how a few people can make a tremendous positive difference for everyone else, which he compares to an epidemic. You need to help […]

Plan Now For The Best Possible Garden Next Year

Have you arrived at the end of the gardening season and wished you had planned and worked your garden better? Did you grow things you didn’t eat? Did the weeds get ahead of you? Was valuable growing space wasted? Begin planning now for next year’s garden. Make sure you get the MOST for your efforts, […]

Best Nutrition for Vegetables – A Letter to Mr. Courier

The following response to a letter I received is important, I believe, in explaining some of the background as to why we do things the way we do. I invite all to study it, and appreciate any feedback (to Dear Mr. Courier: What a detailed letter! You’ve obviously thought much about this subject, and […]

Is the Mittleider Method of gardening organic?

Opinions on whether or not the Mittleider Method is organic run the gamut. Some organic enthusiasts poo-poo it (Pun intended) as not being “pure” because something other than manure and compost are used. On the other hand many people consider it “the best of organic” because it IS pure and does NOT put animal excrement […]

Are tomatoes your favorite garden crop? Grow the best!

We believe the ideal book for teaching you how to grow the best and most tasty tomatoes is Let’s Grow Tomatoes by Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider. It’s available two ways, either as a part of the Mittleider Gardening Library, which is available in the Store section of this website, or as a digital download at […]

Lots of Blossoms but Not Much Fruit – What’s Happening?!

Following is a seemingly simple question, the answer to which is very important to having a successful garden. To answer it properly is not so simple, but it is worth knowing, so I invite you to pay close attention to each element of my response. Q. I have hundreds of blossoms on my tomato, squash […]

Garden Master CD works with Linux Operating System

A current user of The Garden Master CD wrote in to tell us that it works perfectly on Linux, when using the WINE Windows compatibility layer. He reports “I am currently using Ubuntu Linux, version 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). It may be a good idea to include on your website that Garden Master runs fine using […]

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