» Get 2 Years’ Supply of Nutrients NOW!

Get 2 Years’ Supply of Nutrients NOW!

I recommend every serious gardener review your supply of and need for the natural mineral nutrients with which you feed your vegetable garden, and stock up NOW.

You should have at least a two-year supply on hand at all times. There is no loss in strength or availability, so don’t worry about that.

Get them before another round of financial meltdowns – personal or global – make it too expensive, or even unavailable.

We seem to have a lull in the problems right now, and we were able to get the Micro-Nutrient materials in sufficient quantities that we can provide them for the moment at the same cost as in the Spring.

And as extra motivation for you to stock up I will issue a 20% REFUND back on to your credit card for those who order 5 or more packages by September 30, 2009.

Let’s all make sure you’ve got everything you need to grow a healthy, productive garden.

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