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What Grows Vertically – Problems with Canal Water and Manure

Q. I connected with your web site after admiring the beautiful garden west of Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. (my family was admiring the giraffes!) I like the concept of vertical gardening. My question is this: Can you grow stuff like pumpkins, watermelons, squash, etc. up a wire? If you do, how do you […]

Growing Vertically – What Varieties – What books?

Q. I am planning on trying a vertical garden (most of the veggies) next Spring. I have heard about “vertical” growing methods, but I am not quite sure what all the details are. Also, when and how do you prune tomato plants? Do all tomato plants need to be pruned? A. Several of the Mittleider […]

Growing Cucumbers, Melons, & Zucchini – Where & How to Remove Suckers

Q. When trellising cucumbers or melons, should I cut all but one main stem. And I don’t seem to see how to trellis Zucchini or yellow squash. A. To grow cucumbers and small melons vertically, by all means, limit them to one stem. However, in removing the sucker stems you allow the stem to grow […]

Baling Twine for guiding vertical plants

Some folks worry about the cost of buying a large roll of baling twine. Because it contains something like 9,800 feet of twine they are concerned that most of it will be wasted. Consider the following, and then find others with whom you can share the cost. 1. Each “string” should be 9′ long. 2. […]

What String Should I Use to Grow Plants Vertically?

Q. I’m using t-frames for my tomatoes, and the tomatoes are growing into the string; should I loosen the string or cut it? I’m afraid the plants’ circulation will be cut off, as the plants continue to grow. A. You should be using a very large string. We recommend the 170# polypropyline baling twine as […]