» Baling Twine for guiding vertical plants

Baling Twine for guiding vertical plants

Some folks worry about the cost of buying a large roll of baling twine. Because it contains something like 9,800 feet of twine they are concerned that most of it will be wasted.

Consider the following, and then find others with whom you can share the cost.

1. Each “string” should be 9′ long.
2. A single 30′-long bed of tomatoes, cucumbers, or eggplant would require 41 strings, or about 370′.
3. A 30′-long bed of pole beans would require 182 strings – 1,638′.
4. If the strings are cared for they will last for several years.
5. Other options are much less desirable. Smaller string will cut through heavy plants’ stems. Other materials will deteriorate faster – often in less than one growing season.