What String Should I Use to Grow Plants Vertically?

Q. I’m using t-frames for my tomatoes, and the tomatoes are growing into the string; should I loosen the string or cut it? I’m afraid the plants’ circulation will be cut off, as the plants continue to grow.

A. You should be using a very large string. We recommend the 170# polypropyline baling twine as being ideal. Smaller string can indeed cut into the stems of your plants.

Also, you should not tie the string to the base of the plant stems, but instead attach it to a tie-wire that is run at ground level between and attached to the T-Frames.

The baling twine should have some slack in it so that you can easily guide the plant stem around the twine without twisting, kinking, or breaking it. Don’t make it so loose that it sags, but rather leave extra string on the top (tied with a slip knot) and give more twine as needed so that it doesn’t get tight to the point that you can’t gently guide the plant stem around it.

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