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Want to Extend Your Growing Season? Simply Maintain Proper Light, Temperature, Moisture, and Soil Conditions

Growing vegetables is simple – even out of season! Just control a few simple things, and your plants will respond with remarkable growth. Let’s see how EASY it is now. Giving your plants ample light seems easy, until you actually try it. Basically, full sun all day long is the goal. Basements and garages don’t […]

Will a Project Fail Because of Ignorance in the Greenhouse??

I had a chance to look at a greenhouse full of seedlings that are being grown for 200 families in villages almost 100 miles distant from our training center. The plants are not growing, and in various stages of dying, and it’s probably too late to save the crop. Here’s what I found was wrong […]

Seedling Production – Learn What You Are Doing!

This week I determined there was great need for us to visit our students in their home villages, while also assisting with transplanting in a greenhouse that is being used to provide many thousands of seedlings for 200 participants in 5 villages. I was reminded very graphically that greenhouse seedling production is not “a piece […]

Taking The Mountain To Mohammed

This week we visited our students in several villages almost two hours from the training gardens at Getk, to help them get started in their own gardens, and assist them as they began demonstrating to and teaching 200 other families “the poor man’s hydroponic method” of gardening. We were gratified to watch as our students […]

You Must Do! Not Just Teach.

The Mittleider Method is a recipe for highly successful vegetable gardens, using true growing principles and procedures. When a person follows the recipe carefully and completely they have wonderful success, in any soil and in virtually any climate. I am privileged to know and have experience applying these principles and procedures, but once in a […]