» Seedling Production – Learn What You Are Doing!

Seedling Production – Learn What You Are Doing!

This week I determined there was great need for us to visit our students in their home villages, while also assisting with transplanting in a greenhouse that is being used to provide many thousands of seedlings for 200 participants in 5 villages.

I was reminded very graphically that greenhouse seedling production is not “a piece of cake”, and requires knowledge and accuracy at every step.

Tomato, pepper, eggplant, and cauliflower seedlings that had been planted about three weeks earlier were almost all in terrible stress from several causes, including lack of proper drainage, too shallow growing medium, and very probable deficiencies in calcium, magnesium, boron, and phosphorus.

I immediately began working to try and save the plants by getting 32 holes drilled in over 200 seedling flats, and then by applying the nutrients I felt were so desperately needed.

I really wish we were closer than a two-hour drive, so we could visit regularly and make sure things go well. An important and worthwhile project is at risk if the plants can’t be revived. If you pray, please include the greenhouse at Karakert, Armenia. Thank you.