» Taking The Mountain To Mohammed

Taking The Mountain To Mohammed

This week we visited our students in several villages almost two hours from the training gardens at Getk, to help them get started in their own gardens, and assist them as they began demonstrating to and teaching 200 other families “the poor man’s hydroponic method” of gardening.

We were gratified to watch as our students each took charge of their groups of people and taught with confidence and authority how to prepare soil-beds for receiving vegetable seeds and seedlings. These people are working hard and learning fast, and their efforts this week are the beginning of the pay-back.

I received a special thrill on Thursday afternoon when the young woman who is Human Dignity and Peace’s Project coordinator told me she was blown away as she watched and listened to the students with their participants. Rusan said she almost thought I was up there myself talking, demonstrating, and teaching, and she was amazed at how good and confident they all were.

I figure they know about 15% of what I want to teach them in the next few short weeks, so there’s much to do!