» Are tomatoes your favorite garden crop? Grow the best!

Are tomatoes your favorite garden crop? Grow the best!

We believe the ideal book for teaching you how to grow the best and most tasty tomatoes is Let’s Grow Tomatoes by Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider.

It’s available two ways, either as a part of the Mittleider Gardening Library, which is available in the Store section of this website, or as a digital download at

Let’s Grow Tomatoes has turned black thumbs into prolific tomato gardeners, and hobby gardeners into successful commercial growers.

Most importantly, it takes the guesswork out of growing tomatoes and makes it enjoyable as well as rewarding!

To promote this great book we’ve set up websites specifically for this important topic, featuring the book we think should be owned by every tomato grower.

We invite you to learn more about growing tomatoes by visiting one of the following sites:,,,, or

Learn for yourself how to grow tomatoes in places the locals think are impossible, and harvest 4-6 weeks earlier AND later than your neighbors – it’s only $10.95 for the digital download at