» Is the Mittleider Method of gardening organic?

Is the Mittleider Method of gardening organic?

Opinions on whether or not the Mittleider Method is organic run the gamut. Some organic enthusiasts poo-poo it (Pun intended) as not being “pure” because something other than manure and compost are used.

On the other hand many people consider it “the best of organic” because it IS pure and does NOT put animal excrement and ground-up body parts into the garden, but instead uses natural mineral nutrients – all of which are approved by the USDA for use in organic gardening – and applies just what the plants need throughout the growing cycle, instead of manure all at once at the beginning.

In addition to the manure user not knowing what nutrition his plants are getting, applying everything before planting often burns germinating seeds and tiny seedlings, and then within 6-8 weeks the garden is starving.

The reason the garden is often hungry by summer in a manured garden is that rain and irrigation leach out the heavily applied fertilizer salts from the garden soil. They then take them to the downstream water supply, often causing a toxic buildup of nitrogen and other chemical salts.

Another reason we believe the “pure” Mittleider Method enjoys natural advantages over those using manure and compost is that manure and compost are almost never sterilized before being applied to the garden. Therefore, weed seeds, bugs, and even diseases are often brought into the garden with the manure and compost.

You are invited to compare a Mittleider garden with a garden that uses manure exclusively, and choose. We happily promise the world “a great garden in any soil, with NO soil amendments.”

There are several articles in the FAQ section of this website that discuss these issues in more detail.

Consider carefully, because the day is fast approaching when you may NEED to live on what you can produce from your garden.

And I for one am getting NEXT YEAR’s fertilizers NOW.

Jim Kennard