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Feed Your Family On 1/50th of an Acre

Instructions for Growing The Sustainable Family Garden Heirloom Bugout Seed Bag  By Following The Recipe Below, You’ll Eat Healthier, Save Money, And Maybe Even Save Your Life!   Our bodies were designed to be herbivores, and as you eat primarily a whole food, plant-based diet you will be healthier, need less volume of food, avoid […]

Prepared – Got Your Wheat, Beans & Rice? So What Are You Going To Eat?!

As we try and stay warm during this cominf cold winter season probably very few of us are thinking of gardens or growing our own food – but maybe we should be!  When God cursed the ground it was for our sake, so when He said we were to eat our bread by the sweat […]

One Family’s Experience Growing a Mittleider Garden

My wife told me about your free seminars here in Mesa 3 years ago and I attended both of them. It completely changed the way I garden, and I love it. I learned more about plants and how to meet their needs in one afternoon from you than I had learned from my whole life […]

Mittleider Method – Expert Testimonial

My penny’s worth… I cannot remember a time over the past 8 years that I have NOT had a quick or otherwise reasonable reply from a wonderful moderator – and I would lose track of how many questions I’ve asked that required lengthy individual replies. Multiply my requests with a few thousand (Gardening Group) members […]