» Sweet Peppers With Thin Walls

Sweet Peppers With Thin Walls

Q. What is the problem when sweet bell peppers end up with thin walls and not with thick walls as shown on the seed packet and in the catalogs?

A. You are seeing a nutrient deficiency. What did you feed your plants? Sometimes when people try to give their plants only organic fertilizers like compost and manure, the plants run out of food about the time they are trying to mature a crop. This results in a single crop, instead of production continuing until late fall frosts, and often the fruit is less desirable as well.

If you will start by applying the Mittleider Pre-Plant natural mineral nutrient formula before planting – which contains calcium and other nutrients – and then after your plants are up, apply Mittleider Weekly Feed formula, you will have healthy plants and beautiful, thick-walled and juicy fruit.

The formulas for both fertilizer mixes are free on the website at, in the Learn section, or you can buy them at in the Store section. If shipping is a problem buy just the Micro-Nutrients and mix your own with the macro-nutrients you can buy locally.