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Foundation Projects

Dr. Mittleider conducted 75 humanitarian gardening projects in 27 countries around the world for 38 years. The following quotes are from a few of the people involved in these projects. To read about our charitable projects in more detail, please see this blog post.

For current and recent projects, please see our projects category on the Food for Everyone Foundation weblog. We have been working in Turkey, Madagascar, Armenia, The Republic of Georgia, Colombia, SA, and the Philippines.

Monument Valley, Utah, USA


“In the middle of Monument Valley’s desert area, lush vegetation is flourishing. Dr. Jacob Mittleider, an expert on gardening. . . has shown that food can be produced in the world’s worst soils.”

Marsha Keele, Monument Valley, Utah – United States

Papua, New Guinea


“Everyone in the Agriculture Department has been amazed at the results obtained. I didn’t think we could do it, but you have shown that it could be done in this country.”

Bob Ackeroid, Papua, New Guinea

Okinawa, Japan


“Dr. Mittleider has demonstrated that despite extremely unfavorable soil conditions, an abundance of vegetable crops can be produced by using his procedures. And this method has given hope to discouraged farmers throughout the Island.”

General James P. Lampert, Okinawa, Japan

Zimbabwe, Africa


“I came prepared to be critical as we are often inundated with programs that are neither practical nor sound. I left completely converted by the simplicity and soundness of the system and results.”

C.D. Promnitz, Zimbabwe, Africa

Moscow, Russia


“. . . his garden looks like a work of art. The neighboring collective farm field is full of weeds, but here where the land is the same, you won’t see a single weed.”

IZVESTYIA (newspaper), Moscow, Russia