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Planting times and conditions

Q. over three weeks ago I planted several vegetable seeds: Onion, carrot, radish, pumpkin, cucumber, squash, sunflower, corn and green beans. I planted them all according to the instructions, (I think). The only thing that has sprouted great are the radishes. The sunflowers have few sprouts they look really weak. Do you have any advice […]

Cucumbers Bitter Tasting

Q. My cucumbers are often bitter. Why is that and what can I do to prevent it? A. The most likely answer is lack of water and/or lack of proper nutrition. Properly fed and watered cucumbers grow fast and are crisp, tender, and taste very mild. If the soil surface near your plant roots is […]

Growing Cucumbers

Q. My cucumbers are wrapping around other plants in my garden. What should I do? A. Cucumbers should be grown vertically. We use T-Frames with pipe or wire, and strings (baling twine) on which they grow up. In your situation, I recommend you get some 8′-long 2″ X 2″ stakes, put them in the ground […]

What Varieties of Vegetables to Plant

Q. What vegetable varieties are best to grow in Southern California? A. That is a big order when you ask for favorite veggies but here are a few that we love growing here in Southern California. Since I do all of the Trials here at Community Gardens, I find a lot of gems that become […]

Growing Strawberries in Grow-Boxes

Q. How do strawberries do in the 18″ sawdust/sand rows? And how is the fertilizer regulated? A. Growing strawberries in the Grow-Boxes can be very rewarding and successful. With no weeds to compete with them, and make it difficult for you as the grower, they do very well. As the runners leave the box and […]

Which Plants Need Afternoon Sun?

Q. I live in Durango Co. I have my garden on the west side of my house. It gets the afternoon sun. What plants would do the best there? A. All vegetable plants need direct sunlight to flourish and produce a crop. All plants that produce fruit (generically speaking), as opposed to those which just […]

Vegetable Production Levels Possible

Q. How much can be grown in a 10 meter-long soil-bed of the various vegetables? Our climate will allow growing tomatoes, etc. pretty much through October. A. There are so many variables that I don’t like to make guesses beyond saying that we typically increase existing traditional family garden production between 4 and 10 times. […]

Swiss Chard

Q. Why doesn’t my swiss chard grow large and green? Collard greens in my garden are huge. Perhaps I do not thin out the plants, and they are too crowded? A. What color and what variety is your chard? Some varieties are different colors, such as the one that looks like beet tops. There might […]