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Vegetable Production Levels Possible

Q. How much can be grown in a 10 meter-long soil-bed of the various vegetables? Our climate will allow growing tomatoes, etc. pretty much through October.

A. There are so many variables that I don’t like to make guesses beyond saying that we typically increase existing traditional family garden production between 4 and 10 times. However, for purposes of figuring possibilities, here are some numbers.
Using vertical growing with the Mittleider Method, 1 10 meter-long bed of Better Boy or Big Beef tomatoes (46 plants) can produce 500# of tomatoes from July through October.

One bed of sweet peppers (65 plants) can produce 300 peppers.

One bed of eggplant (46 plants) – grown vertically – can produce 300 Black Beauty or 450 Ichiban eggplants.

One bed of cucumbers (46 plants) – grown vertically – can produce 450 cucumbers.

One bed of pole beans (200 plants) can produce 200# of beans.

One bed of zucchini (17 plants) can produce 300-900# of zucchini, depending on size at picking.

One bed of carrots (700 plants) can produce 100-250# of carrots, depending on variety.

One bed of cabbage (45-65 plants) can produce 150-300# of cabbage, depending on variety.

One bed of beets (400 plants) can produce 100-200# of beets.

One bed of onions (400 plants) can produce 150-200# of onions.

One bed of potatoes (92 plants) can produce 200-300# of potatoes.

The carrots, cabbage and beet crops can often be doubled by growing an early and late crop in the same space, which make these more valuable for the serious grower.
All of the above are broad-range estimates only, since variety, climate, care, and other unknowns all affect yield.