» Growing Strawberries in Grow-Boxes

Growing Strawberries in Grow-Boxes

Q. How do strawberries do in the 18″ sawdust/sand rows? And how is the fertilizer regulated?

A. Growing strawberries in the Grow-Boxes can be very rewarding and successful. With no weeds to compete with them, and make it difficult for you as the grower, they do very well.

As the runners leave the box and begin to root in the ground surrounding the box you need to cut them off, or they will very soon be in your aisles.

Fertilizing depends on the variety you are growing. If you are growing a single-crop variety you will only need to fertilize 3 or 4 times the first year, and 3 times after that.

ever-bearing or two-crop varieties will need more feeding. Just remember that you don’t feed after the blossoms appear unless it is a true ever-bearing crop that just “keeps on giving”, and then you stop 8 weeks before the first killing frost.