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Manure from Feed Lots – Environmental & Human Health Impact – Dr. Mercola

What Happens When Thousands of Animals are Raised in One Small Space? While the implications for the animals are obvious, the impact on the environment is very well concealed from public view. When you raise thousands of animals, you’re left with a lot of waste. In a small farm setting, that waste is used to […]

Manure or Minerals – A Comparison

Some have expressed concern about using chemicals to feed their plants, wanting to stay away from “synthetic” materials. Others don’t know how much to use.  Let’s review some basics! Suppose you have a garden 20′ X 30′ and you want to have a good yield of healthy tomatoes. A common practice is to work 2-3″ […]

Natural vs Synthetically Produced Fertilizers

What does “Natural” mean, and what does “Synthetic” mean? And exactly what makes commercially (synthetically?) produced fertilizers any worse for your garden than naturally produced ones? This is one area in which a lot of baloney gets thrown around – and regrettably too often believed by many good people. The simplest and most natural of […]

Problems with Using Manure in the Vegetable Garden

I.The nutrient value is unknown:A. Nutritional adequacy and balance in the original plants is unknownB. Much is lost before it reaches your plants:   a. Animal which ate the plant received a substantial amount   b. About half of remaining nutrition is lost in urine.   c. Some of remaining nutrition is lost to leaching during composting   d. […]

One Family’s Experience Growing a Mittleider Garden

Q. My wife told me about your free seminars here in Mesa 3 years ago and I attended both of them. It completely changed the way I garden, and I love it. I learned more about plants and how to meet their needs in one afternoon from you than I had learned from my whole […]

Humans – Carnivore, Herbivore, or Omnivore, by John Coleman

John Coleman: Comparative Anatomy & Taxonomy Comparative anatomy works on the simple and demonstrable fact that the biological form usually defines function. Human is closest to frugivore animals (fruit eaters), from the anatomic and taxonomic point of view. Comparative Anatomy & Taxonomy Comparative anatomy works on the simple and demonstrable fact that the biological form […]

Soil Tests for the Family Garden – Necessity or a Waste?

The question is often asked if the family gardener should pay for a soil test before planting his garden. Our advice is to not pay for a soil test. However, a few students have discovered a statement by Dr. Jacob Mittleider in the book Food For Everyone (P 137) wherein he states that “The soil […]

Jacob Mittleider – The Garden Doctor – Has Traveled the World Teaching Gardening – by Dennis Lythgoe, Deseret News

THE GARDEN DOCTOR: UTAHN HAS TRAVELED THE WORLD TEACHING PEOPLE HOW TO GROW CROPS IN ANY SOIL, CLIMATE OR CIRCUMSTANCES. By Dennis Lythgoe, Staff Writer Published: April 6, 1995 12:00 am JACOB MITTLEIDER is an Idaho baker turned agricultural wizard. For 30 years, he has specialized in turning “devil land” into genuinely productive crops that […]