» One Family’s Experience Growing a Mittleider Garden

One Family’s Experience Growing a Mittleider Garden

Q. My wife told me about your free seminars here in Mesa 3 years ago and I attended both of them. It completely changed the way I garden, and I love it. I learned more about plants and how to meet their needs in one afternoon from you than I had learned from my whole life of “recreational” gardening.

You shared so many simple, time and energy-saving “tricks” in the garden that I have been having a hard time trying to come up with any improvements on them.

I now garden for yield and my feelings about Arizona have really changed. We have an amazing growing season here. With all our sunshine you can really get a small amount of space to produce!.

I have a total of 10 beds ranging from a small 10′ one next to the house to two 30′ ones with the t-frame trellis over them. Last year the two trellis beds produced over 500 lbs each of Armenian cucumbers. I was supplying 5 different farmer’s markets, giving them away at work and taking an apple box full each week to church. I also made some good money selling fresh okra to an east India market that was willing to take all I could grow. I am learning what crops do well here in the desert heat.

I see you will be teaching again here in AZ next week. I’d love to have you stop by and check out my garden if you have some time. It should be an inspiration for the wonderful work you are doing. I’ve probably had a dozen friends come by to see it because I describe the yields I am able to get using the Mittleider Method.  I’m hoping to reclaim another section from the Bermuda grass lawn and add another pair of 30′ beds in the next year.

While you are in the area, if you need ANYTHING, please contact me. I feel I owe you a great debt.  To show my gratitude I’d like to support you in the work you do that has benefited my life and the lives of my family and friends. I’m sure I’ll get to at least one of your classes while you are in the state, so I’ll be able to thank you personally and watch the way you work that 12″ rake.

Bill Oliphant

Thank you Bill! I hope others can benefit from the seminars this time, and I invite everyone reading this to organize FREE group gardening seminars in your own areas.  Although it requires some work, it an change the future for your community’s families.  If you are serious about hosting a seminar email me at