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What makes The Mittleider Method of gardening different than other methods of food production?

There is a great chart showing the differences between the Mittleider Method and other methods. Click here to go to the Comparison Chart.

Feeding My Lawn – Does Mittleider Magic Work?

Q. I’m interested in improving my lawn. How should I adjust your formulas (I’ve purchased some of your mineral packages) and feeding schedule for a Bermuda grass lawn? A. The Mittleider fertilizers work wonderfully well for lawns, as well as everything else in your yard and garden. If you want your lawn to produce a […]

Starting a New Garden – Cool Weather Planting – Instructions for Success

Q. I have a 1000 square foot veggie garden in Coastal Mississippi that I have been very unsuccessful with in the past 4 years. We have clay soil and Iam a lazy gardener. I don’t think about the garden much … until it is dried out and infested. I plan on changing my ways! I […]

Creating 18″-wide Level, Ridged Raised Soil-Beds

Q. The stakes and the string when laying out the rows – are they for lining up the 4-inch ridges or a line for plant placement? And do you leave them in or remove when the bed is finished?? A. Stakes and string are used to define and outline the soil bed. The soil is […]

Is the Mittleider Method Organic? You Decide.

Q. “Is this method OMRI approved. I was told at Steve Regan it was not organic. Please enlighten me.” Patricia A. I’ve written quite a few articles – in the archives of the Group and in the FAQ section of this website – on this subject, and I invite everyone interested in this subject […]

Instruction of creating a family garden

I will be creating a garden near Birmingham, Alabama over the next 3 months, and each step will be recorded in pictures, video, and with a written dialog. For those of you who say you have no room for a garden, consider doing what we are doing. We are removing lawn to make room for […]

Instructions for Creating & Planting a Garden #1

Preliminary Steps – Lesson I (Using Jim Kennard’s 2009 Alabama garden as a model) 1. Determine how much space you want, then how much you HAVE that receives all-day sunshine. We wanted between 15 and 30 beds, but only have a 35′ X 65′ sunny space, so that is our limiting factor. 2. Measure and […]

Worldwide Need for These Proven Methods

Q. A Mittleider gardener recently brought the following article to my attention. It talks about the need to update the methods of growing food worldwide. A. The article has some good points, especially the idea that the people of Great Britain (and everywhere else) should re-connect with their land. What they REALLY need to […]