» Instruction of creating a family garden

Instruction of creating a family garden

I will be creating a garden near Birmingham, Alabama over the next 3 months, and each step will be recorded in pictures, video, and with a written dialog.

For those of you who say you have no room for a garden, consider doing what we are doing. We are removing lawn to make room for something MUCH more important – FOOD.

The pictures will be posted to the Photos section of the website as Alabama Garden – 2009, beginning in the next day or two, and the Schedule of Vegetables is posted already to the Files section with the same name.

The size of my garden area is 35′ X 65′. I will have 18 soil-beds 30′ in length, or 2,275 square feet – 1/19th of an acre.

Do the math and you’ll wonder how I am putting 18 soil-beds in only 65′. Stay with us and find out!! A hint can be found by looking at Grow-Boxes. Let’s see if anyone can come up with the answer.

About 1/2 of the garden will be grown vertically using T-Frames, and if we are here all season I will plant multiple crops of single crop varieties.

We expect to produce between 4,000# and 8,000# of food, most of which will be given away.

I will begin immediately to describe the process of creating this garden – hopefully beginning with my next Post to the Group.

You are invited to duplicate our efforts in your own yards and gardens.