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Where can I find information on growing corn?

Sweet corn is one of the easiest things to grow, but it is very inefficient of space in the garden, plus being tall it must be planted on the north or east side of the garden, so as not to shade the lower-growing plants. We plant in two rows in an 18″-wide soil bed or […]

I’ve discovered smut in my corn. Must I tear it all out? Can I plant again next year? Are there varieties that are resistant? What varieties are most susceptible?

Corn smut – a fungus disease called Ustilago maydis – is extremely common. It cannot be controlled with fungicides, nor with treating the seed. The spores can be carried into your garden by the wind, even from long distances. Plant infection often occurs through wounds. Therefore, avoid injury to roots, stalks and leaves while weeding. […]

Lodging in Corn and Other Cereal Crops – Cause & Cure

Q. Do you have any tips on how to keep corn from lodging? I generally hill up the dirt about 4-5 inches when the plants are about 18 inches tall. It helps but the problem still persists if we get a big wind, especially if I have just watered. A. There are actually two problems […]

Growing Corn in the Greenhouse – Possible and Practical?

Q. Can I plant corn in a pot to start it and then replant it in the garden when it warms up, since it is still cold, or should I just wait and do it all outside? A. Corn is a tender plant and will be killed by any frost. Also, it will not grow […]

Corn Sprouts – How Do I Keep Them Alive & Growing Healthy?

Q. My corn seems to sprout alright, but for some reason I only end up with 1/3rd or 1/4th of the plants I expect. What’s happening? A. Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy sprouts. larger birds, such as crows, will eat your corn just as it’s sprouting if given a chance. It may also […]

Avoiding Cross-Pollination of Different Varieties of Corn

Q. I want to grow some of the different colored corn. The seed package says to isolate. How far from the other corn does this have to be to avoid cross pollination? A. When isolating corn there are four things you can do, separately or in combination, to minimize cross-pollination. Farmers often first consider distance, […]

Growing Sweet Corn Successfully in the Family Garden

After tomatoes, sweet corn may be the most popular crop grown in many family gardens. However, as popular as it is, growing corn presents some difficult choices, mostly having to do with what other crops you will have to leave out. In the limited space of a family garden corn is a poor choice if […]