» Corn Sprouts – How Do I Keep Them Alive & Growing Healthy?

Corn Sprouts – How Do I Keep Them Alive & Growing Healthy?

Q. My corn seems to sprout alright, but for some reason I only end up with 1/3rd or 1/4th of the plants I expect. What’s happening?

A. Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy sprouts. larger birds, such as crows, will eat your corn just as it’s sprouting if given a chance.

It may also have been that you had cold ground, though. Corn likes warm soil, and will rot in the ground if it’s cold.

In early spring, I recommend you plant your corn seed in the black plastic trays with 36 2″ pots, and grow it in the warm greenhouse. Your seedlings must have full sunlight all day long, however – or grow lights 16-18 hours each day.

You can grow it 3-4″ tall before transplanting. try not to disturb the root ball, and water well after transplanting. As with all transplants, apply 8 oz of 34-0-0 per 30′ soil-bed containing 2 rows of plants (which you probably can’t get anymore) or 12 oz of 21-0-0 before watering, and water in well – then 3 days later begin the Weekly Feed regimen. Remember that you must give corn full sun, even in the greenhouse, or they will be pathetic and never recover fully.