» Where can I find information on growing corn?

Where can I find information on growing corn?

Sweet corn is one of the easiest things to grow, but it is very inefficient of space in the garden, plus being tall it must be planted on the north or east side of the garden, so as not to shade the lower-growing plants. We plant in two rows in an 18″-wide soil bed or grow-box, and we plant our seeds or seedlings 8″ apart. Because corn is susceptible to frost damage it needs to be planted to emerge from the soil after the last hard frost. We often increase our growing season by growing seedlings in a protected environment (greenhouse or under grow-lights), and transplant them into the garden when they are about 6″ tall. We will – when we have a large garden with plenty of extra space – plant successive crops 2 weeks apart, making sure that the last crop goes in 75-80 days before the first expected fall frost date.