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Preventing and controlling Diseases in Your Garden

There seem to be many questions about plant diseases; sometimes ones without marks on the leaves or other lesions. Have any of you had bacterial diseases yet? Here is one way for testing for a bacterial disease in your dying plant. Remove a diseased plant and slice through the stem with a sharp knife. Then […]

Eliminating Gophers

Q. I’m distraught over what is happening to my garden and watching it occur in my neighbor’s, as well. For some reason, individual plants are dieing. One day they look fine, the next day (or even later in the same day) the leaves look wilted, like they’re not getting water, and by day 2, the […]

Preventing Diseases on Tomatoes – Late Blight, etc. – By Joanne Rice, Long Beach Community Garden Assn

I read with interest Hein’s e mail regarding early and late blight. I have been involved in a large community garden in Long Beach, California for 22 years and pretty much take care of all of our Trials and also vegetable diseases for our Garden Association. In the early 90’s when Late Blight reared its […]

Early and Late Blight on Tomatoes

Early blight is an air and water dispursed fungus! It’s got the beautiful name of Alternaria, and under the microscope it is a truly beautiful-looking fungus. Yet these small little fungi can cause so much destruction on plant cells. Late blight also develops on potatoes during long wet weather spells; this fungus was responsible for […]

Preventing Late Blight, etc. on Tomatoes and other Nightshades – by JOANNE RICE (2)

You have my permission to use this information in any way that you see fit. Below is the write up that I made for our Board of Directors. I have included a lot of questions and answers that Dr. Michael Coffey, plant pathologist and Dr. Thomas Perring, entomologist exchanged with me. The list of host […]

Control of Phitopthora – “Late Blight” – a Crown and Root-Rot Disease. OR NOT!

Much has been written, and much hand-wringing has been done trying to avoid, understand, and control the disease commonly known as Phitopthora, which often affects potatoes. A question was asked in the Mittleider Method Gardening Group about the subject, so I asked The Garden Doctor to share his experience and, if possible, give us a […]

Cutworms, Aphids, Moths, Hornworm, and Tomato Hornworm

Q. Can you give me the Pesticide Protocol from day one to harvest for leafy veggies, tomatoes, and corn. We went to Johannesburg for a week. When we returned – the leaves looked like knitted doilies! Someone told me that Diamondback Moths flew in while we were gone. Our tomato leaves are curling up in […]

Will Floods Bring Diseases, etc. to our garden?

Q. As you have probably read, California received over 35 inches of rain this winter and as a result, our Community Gardens flooded and were under a foot of water for quite some time. The soil has taken a very long time to dry out and still is quite moist. My question is this. Since […]

What to Plant Around the Garden to Discourage Animals

Q. What do I plant around the garden to keep animals out A. Fast-growing tall hedges – about 10 years ago! Seriously, I don’t know of anything – short of a tall fence – that will discourage animals. Even an electric fence won’t keep deer out, unless it has several strands – as we’ve discovered […]

How To Eliminate Snails & Slugs From the Garden

Q. Our garden has slugs! About the time the tomatoes started getting blossoms the slugs started feasting! I tried many methods to get rid of them – cornmeal in a jar, eggshells, sand around the plants, soapy water spray, picking them off, drowning them in beer..just to name a few. Right now the slugs are […]