» How To Eliminate Snails & Slugs From the Garden

How To Eliminate Snails & Slugs From the Garden

Q. Our garden has slugs! About the time the tomatoes started getting blossoms the slugs started feasting!

I tried many methods to get rid of them – cornmeal in a jar, eggshells, sand around the plants, soapy water spray, picking them off, drowning them in beer..just to name a few.

Right now the slugs are eating the cauliflower and broccoli
(the only things left growing in the garden under the hoop house in winter).

How can I get rid of these critters once and for all?

A. The growing procedures and cultural practices as taught in the Mittleider Method are the best solutions to your problem as follows:

1. Maintaining a weed-free garden.
2. Keeping the soil bare, with no mulch or other coverings.
3. Using level, raised, ridged soil beds.
4. Using wide aisles that are kept bare and dry.
5. Watering only the root zones of the plants.
6. Pruning and removing all leaves that touch the ground.
7. Growing tomatoes & other vining crops vertically.