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Which Book should I Read?

For Grow-Box gardening, the book with that title, as well as Gardening By The Foot, and Let’s Grow Tomatoes are all three very good. Grow Box Gardening was the first, and is loved by many thousands of people. It is illustrated graphically. The other two teach using hundreds of actual pictures from Mittleider gardens, with […]

What fertilizer formula do I use? Every book is different.

As Dr. Mittleider’s experience and knowledge grew the formulas changed. The latest formulas are on the internet site and in The Mittleider Gardening Course, so use those. However, rather than searching all over for materials, you can get the micro-nutrients pre-mixed from us here, if you choose, and then mix them with something like 16-16-16 […]

Foundation Shipping Method

Q. Do you ship US postal or ground UPS? A. We use the US Postal Service for Snail Mail, and much of our material is also available as instant digital downloads at for about 40% less than buying the paper copies.

Gardening by the Foot – a Treasure for Raised-Bed or Container Gardeners

I have said nothing about this book for a long time, for just one reason. Our inventory of books had brittle binding glue and the pages would fall out at the least provocation. We’ve finally solved the problem! We purchased a machine and re-bound this great gardening book ourselves, using a Plastic Comb Binder. Now […]