» Which Book should I Read?

Which Book should I Read?

For Grow-Box gardening, the book with that title, as well as Gardening By The Foot, and Let’s Grow Tomatoes are all three very good. Grow Box Gardening was the first, and is loved by many thousands of people. It is illustrated graphically. The other two teach using hundreds of actual pictures from Mittleider gardens, with accompanying descriptions and instructions.

Grow-Bed Gardening is excellent for learning The Mittleider Method of gardening in the soil using ridged soil-beds. It is very comprehensive, again using pictures throughout, and even teaches greenhouse construction and seedling production.

The Mittleider Gardening Course covers all the above topics very well. It is graphical in its presentation, and is the student workbook in classes that we teach at Food For Everyone Foundation. For more information about on-site training, go to the Foundation page of the website.

The Garden Doctor is a one-of-a-kind 3 volume set for showing and teaching nutrient deficiency symptoms and corrective treatments to the serious grower. It is filled with several hundred excellent color photos, and should be in every serious vegetable gardener’s library.

6 Steps To Successful Gardening is a great book for those just getting started. It is an easy and enjoyable introduction to The Mittleider Method of raised-bed gardening in a graphical instruction format, and includes several good recipes for using the vegetables you grow.