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Hydroponic or Organic – What’s the Difference?

HYDROPONIC OR ORGANIC – What’s the difference? by Roger H. Thayer I’d like to have a dollar for each time I’ve been asked, “Is it organic?”, since I started in the hydroponics business in 1972, I’d be rich! Is hydroponics organic? Is it chemical? What are the similarities and the differences? These questions have […]

Mittleider Method – Expert Testimonial

My penny’s worth… I cannot remember a time over the past 8 years that I have NOT had a quick or otherwise reasonable reply from a wonderful moderator – and I would lose track of how many questions I’ve asked that required lengthy individual replies. Multiply my requests with a few thousand (Gardening Group) members […]

Concerned About Using Chemical Fertilizers?

Concerned about using “chemicals” on plants you plan on eating? Two typical areas of concern – contamination of food & the ground water. A natural concern of many people is the use of mineral nutrients from commercial sources in their vegetable gardens. They want to know if minerals would, or even could 1) contaminate the […]

Composting for the Home Gardener

I do not generally recommend composting because of the equipment, time, space, and effort required, and because few people have the time, knowledge, or inclination to really do it right. In addition, even the best compost is a great unknown, so far as what actual nutrition it provides. And no one can tell you either, […]

Soil, Fertilizers & pH

Following is an important primer on soil (there will be a quiz, called life in the garden, so pay attention and take notes!): Soil is soil, and the functions of soil are simple, as follows: 1. Provides anchorage and protection for plant roots. 2. Holds water and oxygen for plant use. 3. Acts as shelves […]

Recap of Foundation Work – 2008-2009

In November of 2007 we were asked by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) to go to Popayan, Colombia to conduct a two-year family gardening project. During the first phase we were expected to assist 100 families (60 LDS and 40 non-LDS) to learn and grow gardens. We established a one […]

Hybrid Seeds – How Good Are They, or Are They Bad

Someone posted comments on a preparedness group blasting hybrid seeds as being a terrible thing, against natural law, and even dangerous for us to be using. I submit that the person is lacking in understanding of the facts, and is confusing hybrids with GMO seeds. Here’s how I feel about whether or not hybrid seeds […]

Tiny Gardens – Plant Across the Width to Maximize Yield

Many people have only a small space in which to grow, and want to plant so as to get the greatest possible yield in the least space. Here’s one idea to do that. You can plant across the width of a box or soil-bed,m rather than the traditional lengthwise, if you’re willing to do the […]

Best Source of Nitrogen for Your Plants

A reader asked “Am I able to substitute the amonium nitrate in the weekly feed with ammonium sulfate?” The answer that follows is important for everyone to know: Ammonium sulfate is only 21-0-0, as opposed to 34-0-0 for ammonium nitrate. In addition, 21-0-0 has substantial sulfur in it, which lowers soil pH. If you WANT […]

Small Green Houses

A gardener asked the following question about building small greenhouses and growing in cold weather using information from the Mittleider Grow-Box Gardens book: “Since I am in zone 3 it would be very helpful if I could have the rest of the information the article referred to on “cold weather gardening” in chapter 12 if […]

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