» My Favorite Greenhouse And 6 Reasons Why It Will Be Yours Also

My Favorite Greenhouse And 6 Reasons Why It Will Be Yours Also

I’ve owned commercial-built greenhouses, and I have built and owned some from scratch. I believe the seedling greenhouse I have now is about the best you can get for the money – for several reasons.

It is a Jacob R. Mittleider-designed greenhouse, and the plans are available FREE simply by going to and downloading them.

Following are some of the reasons I believe you will be pleased for a very long time when you build and use the Mittleider greenhouse:

1) It is very strong, and will withstand virtually any amount of snow or wind. The one we use in Getk, Armenia has been through numerous bad hail storms and several very hard winters without damage other than plastic replacement. And the one we built in Madagascar had to have the plastic cover replaced after the third typhoon hit, but the structure was still perfect at last report.

2) It is less costly than comparable sized commercial models.

3) While not “portable” it can be disassembled and moved, simply by building with screws, rather than nails.

4) The Layout was planned by a man who is really expert in time management and volume production, especially as they relate to producing seedlings and growing food.

5) Built-in continuous ventilators running the length of the roof and along the walls make electric fans unnecessary, and assure ample ventilation in the hottest conditions with no additional costs, equipment, or maintenance.

6) If 8 or 10 mil dual or triple-wall polycarbonate is used, it is very efficient to heat. And even with just two layers of 6 mil plastic the Getk greenhouse maintains internal temperatures several degrees above outside temperatures throughout the night. Another covering option is nylon reinforced greenhouse plastic from Northern Greenhouse Sales, in Neche, ND. I recommend 8 mil clear, which holds up very well for many years against strong winds. And tell Bob Davis I sent you 🙂

I highly recommend these greenhouse plans for anyone serous about growing your own seedlings – or if you want or need to extend your growing season by growing crops in the greenhouse. They can be had free at

The Mittleider Gardening Course and Grow-Bed Gardening books include the greenhouse plans, and teach all you need to know about this subject. They can be purchased in the Shop section at the Foundation website. A digital copy costs 30-40% less than the paper version, and is available instantly!

Get your greenhouse plans NOW and be growing within a week!