» Plans Mature as we get press coverage for our Recruiting Efforts

Plans Mature as we get press coverage for our Recruiting Efforts

It’s a week since we arrived in Armenia! Time goes too fast!!

We are busy purchasing materials and supplies for the training project. Everything takes much longer than in the USA, where you can drive to your choice of stores for anything imaginable.

We need heaters for the Getk training facility. It’s still cold, with more than a foot of snow on the ground.

This also means we’ll have to start our first seedlings using a heat source under the trays, and maybe a light source over the seedlings when they emerge, if we can’t get the greenhouse finished in time.

More students are needed to fill the spaces we have available. Because Araksya worked in the broadcasting industry, and was very well liked and respected, we were able to conduct a press conference today with about 15 media representatives in attendance. I believe every TV camera in the region was pointed at me!

We emphasized we are looking for only a few hard working people who are willing to accept and implement new ideas and methods, and they will be promising to become leaders in their villages and assist others, as a way of “paying forward” what they’ve received.

We also announced we are charging about $55 for the 4-month training program. This is a lot of money for these people, and will greatly reduce the number who apply. Hopefully it will eliminate all who simply want something for nothing.

The Project cost per student is in excess of $500, and each one will receive about $200 in books, materials, tools, seeds, seedlings, etc. And the knowledge and experience they will gain is priceless, so we want as many quality students as possible.

We will be limited to some degree by our finances, unless some of you reading this are able to assist a little bit. The fixed costs won’t change much, so we are able to add an additional student for each $250 of donations we receive.

Thanks to those of you who’ve cared to share! Help in any amount is greatly appreciated, and you can give it by going to the Donate section of the website and using PayPal or a credit card. Checks may be sent directly to the Foundation at 848 Woodruff Way, SLC, Ut 84108, and all donations will be used 100% for the benefit of Project Students.

Jim & Araksya Kennard