» Second Week – Recruiting Students

Second Week – Recruiting Students

Yesterday Araksya fielded visits and calls from prospective students, while I drove to the Capital city of Yerevan to visit with possible funding sources (no encouragement there).

We spent the afternoon and early evening visiting with a few of the 2005 Project participants, and invited them to attend the Training Course. Some of the best ones have full-time work in their village and can’t be away, but we received word this morning that 3 of the best gardeners from Chenik village will be at Getk on Monday to begin training.

I guess I’m stuck with doing it now! We hope to train at least 12, and could work with 20 if we have sufficient funding.

We are starting seeds today. We’ll plant about 500 each of tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce. They are inside the house on heat mats. within 5 or 6 days we will have to have ample light for the 3 – 1/2-meter-square boxes.

And in less than 3 weeks we’ll have to have a warm and light place big enough to accommodate about 40 boxes.