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Facilities Preparation

It’s so much easier to go into an established facility, such as a school, to do a Gardening Training Project!

Everything is totally new here in Armenia, and we’re responsible for doing everything ourselves. We are furnishing a house and training room, and we even have to get water and gas brought into the place!

Tables and chairs are in place, and we now have heat and lights.

The students will all know Armenian and Russian, so we will install a chalk board and teach from that, along with books in Russian, and a projector attached to a laptop computer.

Araksya will be kept very busy translating, as almost none of the students will have any English skills.

We are going to try and remove the snow from in and around the greenhouse today. We will then finish the structure and cover it with greenhouse plastic.

The students will probably be involved in the greenhouse finishing, as well as building at least one 2 X 5 meter hotbed that will be the model for most of them to replicate in their own home gardens.