» We’re Ready to Party! Will Anyone Come?

We’re Ready to Party! Will Anyone Come?

The property at Getk is presentable, with a training room set to accommodate 20 or more students, a greenhouse structure built, four thousand vegetable plants emerging in flats, a home to live in, and a staff plus facilities to feed and house students.

In 11 hours we’ll find out if anyone cares. I feel good about our preparation, and confident we will make a great difference in the lives of those who avail themselves of the opportunity.

Today at our church meeting Araksya, my wonderful and supportive young wife was invited to speak.

The ladies were exchanging ideas on how to feed their families healthy food with little money, since they all are very poor. Araksya pointed out the great value of growing your own vegetables, and reminded them of the help we had tried to give them in two previous years.

Only one woman’s family even cared enough to work on the garden we built for them behind the church last year, and she raved about the fabulous vegetables their family enjoyed clear into the winter. Several of the ladies became very interested. We’ll see if it lasts.

Now to bed, so I’ll be fresh for the challenge of the morning.