» First Week of Classes

First Week of Classes

The Gardening Training Course students have had an intense week! One older fellow couldn’t handle the physical requirements and didn’t return after his first day, but the others seem to be enjoying the learning and the work.

In the two hours of classroom instruction, we include videos, book “larnin”, demonstrations, and discussions – sometimes heated, as people often have strong feelings about these things.

Most of our work has been inside this week, since it was very cold, and it rained and snowed a couple of days. Students made their own markers, levels, seedling trays, and put handles on tools we are providing them.

Seedlings are growing, and we hope to finish the greenhouse and transplant into 40 or 50 flats in the next week or 10 days.

Today we installed table tops on the middle section of the greenhouse. As we were cleaning up, I noticed 3 dogs attacking a large sow pig in a field next to us. Fearing they’d kill the pig I ran out into the muddy field and chased the dogs away. Although some blood was showing the pig was able to get up and walk, so I followed it until it turned into the yard where it apparently lived.