» Building a Metal Greenhouse with Angle Iron & Pipe

Building a Metal Greenhouse with Angle Iron & Pipe

It’s rare in our experience to have metal the preferred material for building a greenhouse!

In the Shirak region of Armenia wood is so scarce, and the winters so cold, that any available wood gets taken and cut up for firewood to keep the people alive. Even their manure is saved and burned in the winter.

Any wood that we are able to buy is very expensive. We have therefore had to buy used angle iron and pay welders to put together our seedling greenhouse.

Now that the structure is all completed, we are drilling holes in the metal and attaching thin strips of wood (shook), and the clear greenhouse plastic will be sandwiched between the shook. I’m hoping this small amount of wood won’t fall prey to the winter stoves of our neighbors.

The greenhouse is costing over $3,000. Sigh. I hope it works for many years and teaches many students, so the Armenian people see a real benefit.